About Linking & Learning

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What is Linking and Learning?

It is the process enabling the sharing of experiences and lessons from (innovative) initiatives. It allows successful projects and approaches to scale-out and scale up. It is learning from mistakes (and in some cases failure) and being open to solutions that takes us out of our comfort zone.

Within Voice, it is all of the activities, processes and trajectories towards boosting collaboration, exchange, learning, innovation and application of new knowledge. They aim to catalyse transformative change for the most marginalised and discriminated groups.

We believe facilitating learning can expand our horizons, especially when faced with different realities and innovative ideas. Linking with people outside our daily circle can teach us the many ways others choose to express themselves. New opportunities to work together emerge. Joining forces with other groups and organisations can amplify our voices and influences.

Linking and learning is guided by the principles;

  • Leave No One Behind
  • Nothing about us without us
  • Putting the furthest behind first!

Linking and learning is the heart and soul of Voice

This is because Linking and Learning is integrated in everything Voice does.

We ask everyone, even ourselves, to reflect on our own practices, needs, and communities. We ask everyone to explore what others are doing, see what has happened before and learn from what others have done.

Lastly, we ask everyone to test. Try new ideas, new methodologies, and new ways of working. If it does not work then reflect on why and start the process all over again. If it does work, reflect on how can it be better. Linking and Learning is a continuing process because:

  • When people connect, learning starts.
  • When people listen, learning enhances.
  • When people do and act, learning deepens.