Mohammed Kyeyune

Executive Director
Sorak Development Agency

"Mohammed Kyeyune Executive Director Sorak Development Agency “we are proud beneficiaries of Voice in Uganda and happy to have benefitted from the Teens to Teen Project which has helped us reach out to age discriminated groups including the young girls and elderly women using the participatory theatre as a key unique approach in reaching out to the community. We are happy to have been supported by linking and learning facilitators in documenting our project works, we are a proud member of the linking and learning platform, we have always linked up via what-sup, telephone conversation, the blue jeans online meetings etc. We had a unique opportunity of getting a team of strong and able ladies from linking and learning who came and facilitated the entire team of Sorak on the usage of the documentation toolkit including how to work well on social media platforms, how to consolidate achievements, successes, newsletters etc. because of their engagement, we have been motivate to recruit a staff to be in charge of communication and information sharing officer to be in charge to documenting our project successes and sharing them with the wider audience"